A random or rojak post?


My brain felt so heavy that I can’t even think about a good title for this post!! No, I did not take any alcohol neither did I smoked grass (eat grass have lar!) but rather the body just went into ‘hibernate’ mode the moment the clock strike 10pm!

I am feeling all guilty as I still have loads of back dated posts to clear… yeah some as far back as 2 months ago and of course not forgetting Darrius’s 36th month update!!! Not forgetting those memes too that some of the mommies tagged me… also been months ago! Sorry folks! :mrgreen:

The weekends whizzed by so quickly and now it is December lioa!!!!

Last week, MIL moved some of her furniture away so now we have some new found space in the 2nd living room and we have to find new furniture to fill them up. Went around looking for those ‘Kedai Perabot’ or warehouse but the funny thing is, when you needed one you can’t find them!!!! We used to see some around but not now…. or could they be in KL only??? 😛 We only want to look for simple cabinets or those tallboys and not some fancy bar stools! Any Penangites know of a huge or mega furniture shop on this island???

This week will be pretty hectic as one of PiggyBeng’s cousin is getting married. I volunteered to make some jellies and cupcakes for the party on the eve of the wedding so my hands are really full this weekend. Then we are expecting a ‘guest’ from KL coming here for a holiday in the mid week. Intend to go feasting around the island with her and her two kids! I just hope I can still fit into that dress I bought months back for the wedding!

Ok, enough of craps… I better go sort all the Bento photos up now! 8)


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  1. Allisia says:

    PISA have furniture fair la. But i am not sure till when. Usually can get cheaper furniture at fairlike this. Or read from newspaper, i think last sat and sun have some advertisment about furniture lelong in some furniture shops in penang. good luck

  2. Shooi says:

    No wonder you have been so busy lately! Take care ok.

    Shoois last blog post..Hobby?