Bento Fun #51

Was out the whole day (went to collect passport and shop for a new DVD player as ours broke down!) so don’t have the chance to catch up on posting… and I am so behind with my Bento posts!

Last week, I told PiggyBeng to get me some prawns so that I could do some fried rice. However, I have not been cooking that much last week so ended up I don’t have extra rice for the fried rice so I cook Asam Prawn instead since PiggyBeng and Darrius loves those. Happened that day I was out the whole day (brought Darrius to McD so he could get those Madagascar toys) and the easiest items to defrost are the prawns!

We had ours with the shells on but I decided to remove the shell from a few of them and put them on skewers just for Darrius as he loves the idea of eating ‘satay’. On that day I also stir-fried some purple and green ‘yuen-choy’ or Chinese spinach which we had not had for a long time. Added some cherry tomatoes into the box since I don’t have any fruits available that day.




Initially Darrius rejected the spinach as he said he ‘don’t want any vege’! Don’t know why he started to reject some of the vege I served him lately but I was lucky I could still coax him to eat. Sometimes he will just eat when I shoved them into his mouth but sometimes he will turn his head away!

And here is a very cute smug-faced photo of him with the ‘prawn satay’ or ‘prawn kebab’.



.The corns were the leftovers from our McD meal so I dumped them into the box in the hope that Darrius can finish them up! :mrgreen:


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0 Responses to Bento Fun #51

  1. shoppingmum says:

    Argh, the veggie fight, I still have one at home!

    shoppingmums last blog post..Bento#63

  2. Be careful ar Darrius eating from a skewer…

  3. blurangel says:

    the dirty cat-Darrius is so cute!

  4. Cute!
    Out of curiosity, does Darrius finish al the stuff you make for him in a bento box?

  5. Hijackqueen says:

    I think only Penang lang know how to enjoy or even cook the asam prawn. i am not Penang lang but my grandma is penang’s nyonya and good thing my mom know how to cook a lot of penang food like the perut ikan for exam. The Asam prawn is a hit at home too. We usually remove the shell with the head still intact. You know that juicy part in the head? kekeke…

  6. leeyen says:

    hehe, Darrius was so cute with dirty face!

    leeyens last blog post..Time Flies

  7. says:

    sedap! eheheh minta!

  8. Allisia says:

    ai… U thought Darrius always gonggong kena tipu meh… He is 3 now loh!