Feeling so tired and haggard

Thank you so much for everyone’s birthday wishes for Darrius.

These few weeks has been a very hectic one for me as there was just too many last minutes cupcakes orders. As I am still coughing very badly, I have totally no mood to do any other thing. I have even neglected my blogs though I have so much to blog about but just don’t have the energy… that’s why I have not been blog hopping and leaving comment. Another thing is, I was so caught up watching Moonlight Resonance!!!! I completed the whole 40 episode within 6 nights! :mrgreen:

I truly appreciate everyone’s kindness for still popping by to read this blog… though there’s nothing much to read. I have tonnes of back dated post still waiting (I have not even blog about my KL trip – all the makan posts!) I am so lazy to go sort the photos so I only managed to post a few up in my FB.

In fact I am looking really haggard now since I don’t get good sleep with the cough disturbing me at night. I am beginning to worry too as Darrius started to have husky voice since yesterday… a sign that he might have caught my cough! 😦

All the late night spent on molding sugar paste figurines is taking a toll on my skin… my eczema is coming back and I can see more wrinkles on my eyes… *sob**sob* If things don’t better, I might need to help from Denver Plastic Surgery!

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