Back to advertising?

Ever since I found some long lost friends lately, we have been chatting with one another about our life and what we have been doing after we left school. It was simply amazing to get to meet all my old friends and classmates after so many years.

A few of my ex collge mates asked me if I will want to go back to advertising since I’m a graphic design grad. Though I like the challenge but I really hate the life style. The working hours is too elastic that sometimes we do not know if it is day or night especially when we are rushing for pitching. Guess I won’t want to go into that again.

After all those chats, I think back about the reasons why I have chosen graphic design in the first place. Initially I have wanted to go into fashion designing but my dad felt that the course is not suitable for me since the stuff they designed are too ‘unreal’.

I even have so many relatives asked me to go into beauty line since it was such a lucrative profession. Too bad I don’t have that much interest or else I would be one of the graduates from one of those beauty schools in ohio!


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