A crazy day…

It has been more than 2 weeks I am coughing like as if my lungs are going to jump out from my chest but I don’t seems to get any better even after I have completed a bottle of those Chinese Pei-pa-koa medicine and starting my second bottle now. Though I have been a good girl trying to avoid poultry and spicy food in my meals but after more than a week of bland food, I just whacked any food I fancy! šŸ˜›

Then while I was still in dreamland yesterday morning (too much coughing at night so I can’t sleep early) I was woken up by a few missed calls. Finally I woke up when my phone rang again and it was PiggyBeng. He told me that his dad has been admitted to the hospital and he will be coming home to fetch us to the hospital in a while. The calls woke Darrius too so we scrambled down and do our morning chores.

We arrived at the Island Hospital slightly before noon and was glad that FIL is awake. He told us that he was admitted around 5am and has done some tests to find out what was happening. He told us that he suddenly blackout the day before and again in the morning so decided to be admitted. A few minutes later, PiggyBeng’s aunt came and we stayed for almost an hour before we leave for lunch.

Went to Hotel Continental for their lunch buffet only to be told that they no longer serve the regular weekday buffet due to wastage. Now they have converted to semi buffet which they used to have during weekend.

Then I sent PiggyBeng to his office as he decided not to drive back since there will be no short distance carpark lot available after lunch hour. After dropping him, I brought Darrius to QBM for some shopping and went back around 5pm to fetch PiggyBeng.

We drove back to the hospital again. We arrived shortly after 6pm but FIL told us the doctor still has not come for a visit so we waited. He came around 6.45pm and he told us that nothing is wrong with FIL after all the tests on his lungs and heart so he wanted FIL to stay on so he could run further tests on FIL’s brain the next morning as FIL has been getting giddy spells lately.

After the dotor left we leave too to have our dinner since I don’t get to cook. We went to Kapitan for Tandoori Chicken but I had Briyanni instead. This time we ordered their Banana Pancake too as we saw some customer ordered them the previous time we were there. The Briyani tasted really good… but the Banana Pancake was a disappointment. When we reached home it was almost 8.30pm…

What a crazy day for us… running here and there… Hopefully FIL will be well andnothing serious affecting his health…


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  1. Jenny says:

    Gosh! That IS a crazy day! Darrius must have been a really good boy. Hope your FIL is fine, and nothing serious~ at least, it’s good that feeling something not right, he’s willing the check-in to the hospital….some folks would still refuse to go to the hospital even after blackout! Take are.

  2. jasmine says:

    get well soon wishes for your FIL

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  3. Babynme says:

    Really sounded crazy and busy. Hope that your FIL gets well soon. And you got to take care of yourself too. A cough is always nasty and difficult to get rid of…

    Babynmes last blog post..Milestone – He has earned his place at the dinner table

  4. whoisbaby says:

    Hope your FIL will have nothing serious. You definitely had a very hectic day. Hope you will get well soon too. Have you try seeing a chinese doctor?

    whoisbabys last blog post..San Francisco – Day 3

  5. LZmommy says:

    Hope your FIL is well…. You have to take care too ya…

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  6. Paik Ling says:

    Hopefully your FIL nothing. Coughing still eat biryani???? HAIYAH!!

    Paik Lings last blog post..My Take on Jakarta

  7. Sue says:

    Hope you FIL is fine…KAPITAN!!! I miss the tandoori chicken there!!