If you are out of job…

With the weakening economy, we are seeing more people getting laid off or retrenched day after day. Only this morning I read about one of Singapore’s biggest bank will be retrenching 6% of their entire work force or approximately 900 staff in total.

We do not know how long it will take for the economy to recover but according to many experts, it may takes much longer than the previous few downturns. In fact they have predicted this could be one of the longer ones in history. Scary isn’t it?

Well, if you happened to be one of the unlucky ones to get axed, there is no point mulling on your luck, rather you should consider upgrading yourself so you are more prepared to face the future. One way is by doing a course through the online university which is one of the more sensible thing to do. Getting a degree online can helps you keep cost low where you can manage your own time to complete the course where it allows you to do other part time jobs to survive and at the end of the day you acquire new knowledge.


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