A little milestone for me…

I got my driver license in 2003 when I was in Perth. I did not get to have much practices since I was due home in a few months time and the traffic in Perth is a world of difference as compared to our very ‘BOLEH’ traffic here. When I got home, I rarely drive since I freaked out the moment I hit the highways. I always need to have my dad sitting next to me for comfort and my mom used to feel frighten sitting at the rear. 😛

The only time I drove alone then was to my office which was located 5 minutes from my parents’ home where I don’t have to enter the highway at all. And that was like for a week only before I was married off to PiggyBeng. And since PiggyBeng was driving a manual car, I was having reservations and lack of confidence hence I stopped driving altogether. Even though we have another car, I find it a tad too long for me to maneuver and not to mention doing parallel parking too!

Then last week, while we were in KL and there was no one to fetch PiggyBeng from the KLIA Express train station so I have no choice but to be brave and drive all the way there as there ian’t any shuttle like other airports such as the one in NYC where they have JFK Shuttle for all passengers’ convenience. I have to brave up and make my way there… well, not alone though… I brought Darrius with me since my mom can’t handle 2 kids alone!

Luckily it was mid afternoon, so the traffic was not as horrible as I thought and we managed to reach our destination in a breeze. *phew* It was not a bad experience after all and I am proud to say I managed to overcome my phobia of driving on KL roads… Isn’t that a milestone? :mrgreen:


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