35-Month ++ already!

I have meant to write this before our KL trips 2 weeks back when Darrius turned 35-month but I have been procrastinating everyday due to laziness… hehehehe There were so much things to blog about and I have received a few requests to blog on some events which I have yet to do (procrastination again!) and now that I’m sick… lagi no mood to write much! However, I can’t leave Darrius final month update before he turn Horrible 3! :mrgreen: We I am still coping with all his terrible 2 antics which never seems to end.

In fact the past few weeks he was extremely naughty that I have no choice but to piak-piak his little butts with the mighty cane. Though he is scare of the cane but it is only temporary as he will go back to all his mischief in less than 5 minutes. Even after all the ‘promises’ (that he will not misbehave) he made he will still go back to all his naughty stunts.



(The pacifier belongs to Adrian, Darrius’s cousin)


Height: 91cm (very short!)

Weight: 12kg (where did all the food goes to????)

Teeth: 17 (so slow!!!)

Speech: VERY Chi-cha


This monkey frustrate me almost everyday without fail. He is well…

LAZY – Always strew his toys, especially his puzzles all over the floors even if he has no intention on fixing them. He will refused to pick them up even I used the cane to make him pick and he will tell me ‘mommy pick’!

CHEONG HEI (long winded) – He will ask the same questions over and over again until I am so sick and tired of answering as it never seems to end. Sometimes I will stop answering but he will come back again asking the same thing all over again!

STUBBORN – When we tell him not to do a certain thing, the more he will do it… like defying all our orders. (like the photo above… he insisted he wants to suck the pacifier!!!)

HAM-PAU (cry baby) – Haiyoh… don’t know when he will out grow this. Last time when he was much younger, he always cry when he wakes up and don’t see me so I told him that he don’t have to cry and just have to call me and I will go to him since we were using a baby monitor. Now, he is taller and he can already reach the knob, I told him when he wakes up, he can switch off the a/c and come out to look for me. But still…. he will cry and scream everytime he wakes up from his naps…. *aaarrrggghhh*

DIRTY – Since he can feed himself, I will normally let him eat by himself while he watches the TV. However, there are times when the food can be sticky with sauces and this dirty fella will pick his food with his hands and then wipe all over his face/head and anywhere he can reach! When I shower him, after I am done he will like to wade the remaining water left on the floor and then put them on his head and face! *slap forehead*

NO SHARING – He don’t like to share still… Everything his hands touches automatically belongs to him! Like if he was playing in the playhouse in the shopping mall, and if another kid came and play, Darrius will scream and cry and shout Don’t want to share-share! 😦

I know there are more to his horrible antics but I really cannot keep track of all of them since he give me new ones almost everyday! I only Thank God that he is not a fussy eater and is easily being talked into doing tasks I asked him to.

POTTY Training – Still not 100% yet since he still needs diaper when he sleeps at night (blame mommy for her laziness to train). Sometimes I will put on diapers for him when he naps too if he drank too much water before he goes to nap. When we go out and we know we will have difficulty looking for a place for him to wee, we will put on diaper for him and he knows when he wants to pee and asked if it is ok to pee into the diaper. He is 100% trained on doing his big biz.

SLEEP – He will skips his nap every now and then even though he may wake up earlier than usual. I don’t know where he gets his energy from but he never seems to be tired and can jump here and there the whole day. And when he can’t tahan anymore, he will just sleep on his own liddat… well before dinner time!




FOOD – Enjoy eating almost all kinds of stuff we offered to him. He is beginning to like crispy food and also spicy food. He has developed sweet tooth too so I have to limit his sugar intake. So far he is never too fussy with his food unless he is not hungry. He eats round the clock (I feed him almost every 2-3 hourly). He only take 8oz of milk 2 times a day but sometimes I will offer him another 8oz if I don’t have any snacks for him after his wakes up.

KNOWLEDGE – Ok, this one a little tough. He knows all his ABC and even know which alphabet for what. For example, he will ask me ‘A for what?’ and replied himself ‘A for apple!’ and sometimes he get to know new things and he knows the first alphabet for that particular word. I was amazed at his ability to link the alphabets with the words on his own. He still mixed up his 123 especially when after 12. 13 is always missing… don’t know the reason… 😛

We are just days away from Darrius’s big day… He will turn HORRIBLE 3 in 15 days time!

Guess that’s all for now… mind is dead since I’ve been coughing like I’ve contracted TB liddat…


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0 Responses to 35-Month ++ already!

  1. jasmine says:

    ooh..i like the sleeping photo. so cute!

    well, i dont think he will turned to be a horrible 3…just that you need to have extra, extra patience when dealing with him!

    jasmines last blog post..Art Education Programme: Annual Assessment 2008

  2. jazzmint says:

    i think at this stage they will have less sleep. mine can tahan till nite 8pm then zonk out totally

  3. rachel says:

    big boy already big boy….
    salute to mom for all her suffering, enduring to bring Darrius to where he is today…:)

  4. leeyen says:

    ha! the picture of him sleeping really cute! my boy is 3 mths older than darrius, still the same, always maintain 12.5-13kg, drop when he’s sick, go up a bit when he eats more than usual sometimes! but i think it’s normal weight lah!

  5. khongfamily says:

    Haha…horrible 3…we just got one today who just turned 3 :D. Hey, Brae wore the SAME shirt as Darrius (the one he was sleeping on the couch) today to the school.

    Darrius still taking chut chut?

  6. Angeline says:

    oh, don’t worry about being 3. I love my boys when they are 3, cos their main drive is to ‘PLEASE MOMMY’, that’s the characteristics of 3 years old, all out to pleaseeee…. *wink* oh you’ll have a great time!

  7. Hooi Ling says:

    Charlotte also 35++ wor. When is Darrius birthday?

    Hooi Lings last blog post..Holiday Mood!

  8. Annie Q says:

    hahahhahaha…this Darrius so cute la!!! Mine one also hardly nap now, but i still give them nap in the afternoon while i’m at home. But they tend to bully my maid by telling her today no “oi oi” so my maid won’t put them so sleep. 😦

    Annie Qs last blog post..Concert’s Video

  9. He still makan pacifier ar…

    Stephanie Koks last blog post..Party tonight!

  10. Annie Tan says:

    I think 3 yo is easier to manage than 2 yo…kua? I think they will understand more things and able to take our reasoning better. I better hope so. Mine will be 3 in december. About the weight, mine have not touch 12kg so far.. Alway 11++kg…. I think 50% of the food goes to IWK!!!

  11. 3lilangels says:

    Darius is so adorable! Love the pic of him napping. He’s growing so fast. Hope you get well before his birthday. What do you have planned?

  12. Irene says:

    3 should be better than 2.
    But his face still so cute, even when he’s being naughty. 😀

  13. michelle says:

    Hey birthday coming for Darius. Time to wean him off pacifier too!

  14. No matter Terrible 2 or Horrible 3, I still think he is too cute! Some more, aiyo so soft spoken liddat.

    Immomsdaughters last blog post..Repeated Mischief

  15. Binky says:

    Aiyoh! My Ian at 23++ months old is already 29lbs (13kg)! His speech therapist said that boys tend to be ready for potty training a little later than girls. And I also think my Ian is a very cry baby compared to his girl playmate. I’m amazed he still drinks so much milk – is he still on milk powder or pasteurized cow’s milk?

    Binkys last blog post..Hong Gil Dong