Darrius’s 1st Deepavali visiting

Over the years we did not get to celebrate Deepavali since we do not have any Indian friends here in Penang. This year we managed to coincide our holiday with Deepavali in KL so we followed my parents to visit one of his ex-college’s house. The last time I went to this place was when I was almost going to deliver Darrius… oh how time flies!

And can you believe that this place was actually a low cost house??? It has been renovated into a huge mansion! The owner, Uncle Morgan bought the next door unit and he decided to give the place a make over before his eldest daughter got married about 2 months ago. I have full respect for him as he was not very highly educated but he managed to put four of his kids through university and with his eldest daughter a full fledge medical doctor! Awesome right? πŸ™‚

Darrius was having so much fun running about the place… he was not shy at all! He went about munching all the festive goodies laid out on the table and skip about the house touching this and that… he even went and snatched a plush koala bear from a little girl! 😦

So I have to take him away all the time and let him stay outside where all of us are seated for our dinner of curries… yummy~ So the little fellow who is not too keen with the dinner went about the porch where a Rangoli (created with colored rice paste and powder) in a shape of a lamp was placed. Around it they placed some tea light candles which attracted Darrius’s attention the moment he stepped into the house. He was so amused by them…. hahahaha


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0 Responses to Darrius’s 1st Deepavali visiting

  1. constance says:

    hahahahha he must be wondering why mummy spoil his deepavali mood.. this cannot that cannot.. stay outside.. waaahhhh

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  2. Jenny says:

    THAT is the advantage of staying back in M’sia. U get to celebrate different cultural holidays….and curry, muruku….that’s wat I miss.

  3. leeyen says:

    Darrius looks taller now! Just got his hair cut? ha! So cute with it!

    leeyens last blog post..House Cleaning Incidents- Part One