Coughing like a TB victim

We are finally back in Penang yesterday after more than 10 days of makan-makan sessions and shop till I dropped in KL. Everything was great except yours truly here is in sick land again! Balme it on the food! *bleah~*

Ok…ok… the main culprit was the HOT HOT toasts I had!

You see, my mom is in jam making frenzy lately and she let me tried some of her plum jam and they tasted…. well…. damn good! For that I have been happily having toasts for breakfast the first few days I was in KL. And since my poor throat has just recovered from a bout of cough not too long ago… the antibody is not strong enough to take another heat blow… and there goes my throat! I am coughing like a TB victim now…. eiks!

It got worst on Friday night but I endure till just now to finally go see my GP. Now I’m on another course of antibiotic and I asked him for a more ‘geng’ (powerful) cough syrup so that it can counter attack my dry and itchy cough.

Still don’t have much mood to blog yet though I have loads of photos with me from the trip. Also, Darrius has been making me very ‘mang-chang’ these few days. I lost my voice this morning and yet he made me scream at him the whole day… *sob* 😦


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0 Responses to Coughing like a TB victim

  1. Irene says:

    get well soon dear, lately weather has been heaty & lots are falling sick. im worried too *yikes*

    Irenes last blog post..we did not…

  2. moolet says:

    wei…oh dear…do take lots of care ya…no wonder u are online like yr usual self at this hours…had tot u “ahem” thats why too tired to stay up to blog away…hehe…

    do gargle some salt water to ‘wash’ yr throat…this surely will helps in some ways in order to help t recover faster…

    i agree that toasted toast is the most ‘heaty’ food on earth esp just out from oven i tell u soon ur throat will hv funny feeling after eating it if not washed down by lots of herbal tea….

  3. Talking about jam, hmm.. have to ask my mum to make kaya. I just like homemade kaya.

    drinks lotssss of water. Have a speedy recovery.

    Malaika’s mummys last blog post..Leaving Hong Kong

  4. jasmine says:

    drink lots of water!!! i am sick as well, and went to see doc 2nd round yesterday

    jasmines last blog post..Art Education Programme: Annual Assessment 2008

  5. Paik Ling says:

    Oh you poor girl. Drink lots of water ok. But I’m like you – eat first, worry later!!

    Paik Lings last blog post..Almost Had It!

  6. leeyen says:

    Hope u’ll get well soon, ha, Don’t let Darrius be the victim of ur ‘Mang-Chang” for too long!

    leeyens last blog post..Does Bento Make Your Child Eat?

  7. Mama2jojo says:

    Blame on the bad weather too. Remember to drink lots of water and get recover soon.

  8. rachel says:

    get well soon…..

    rachels last blog post..KL Bird Park & Orchid Garden

  9. kiasumum says:

    it seems that everyone is sick here, drinks plenty of water n get well soon ya!!!

  10. Babynme says:

    Hi. Take care and drink lots of water could help. Weather is bad and dusty too. I’ve been having a terrible headache for the last couple of days…sigh….Thanks for dropping by my site. Do visit more often. I will surely return.

    Babynmes last blog post..Salt Baked Chicken

  11. oh dear…speedy recovery to you.

    mommy to chumsys last blog post..Off Pedder Episode 11

  12. Annie Q says:

    Hope u get well soon. Don’t scream so much lo, give your throat a rest. Didn’t boil your cough remedy? Coke with ginger??

    Take care.

    Annie Qs last blog post..Concert’s Video

  13. michelle says:

    Get well soon! Now what did u get in KL?

  14. wen says:

    hope u get well soon!

    wens last blog post..Biting And Chewing

  15. Take care, get well soon. I also love toast but have a sensitive throat, so have to cut down on that 😛

    Psst….post the shopping loot lah.

    Immomsdaughters last blog post..In The Cartoon World

  16. Shooi says:

    I have been coughing for weeks now also, and i try to avoid medicine as i am bfg. I applied the Manuka honey & propolis spray (fr Honey Mart/ Eu Yan Sang) and it helped a bit.

    The season is very bad, so must take care.