This time is Cambodia

Most of you know my MIL has a jet-setting life… hehehe No, she is not an air stewardess lar but she just loves to go traveling. In fact she has visited almost every nooks and corners on this earth except the South Pole. Earlier this year she went to Greenland and Iceland (a place where I don’t think any of us has been to or want to go) for 2 weeks. It’s freezing cold there! She was back here for a week and off she went to SIL’s place in Germany for 3 months.

This morning she left for Cambodia with some of her Tai-Chi friends. This time she took AirAsia as it was free and easy trip organized by her Tai-Chi group. She was quite hesitated to go initially as the unrest in the Thai border was pretty worrying. However, we heard that the choas is only within the parliament area so nothing to worry actually.

I reminded her to get travel insurance for ‘just in case’ if anything should happen, at least she is covered by the insurance.


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  1. KittyCat says:

    Wow…your MIL really ‘geng’! So, the unrest is only around the parliament is it? Sigh, wanted to go Bangkok actually but chickened out after I read the papers!

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  2. jazzmint says:

    wow…she really knows how to enjoy herself eh

  3. I want to go Iceland and Greenland too. Envy yr MIL lo. Hope next time when my kids are all grown up, I have the chance to do that too.

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