Jalan Alor is now Jalan Kejora?

What a news to greet my beautiful Saturday morning!

Just read from the online  newspaper that the ever famous food haunt in Bukit Bintang area, Jalan Alor has been changed to Jalan Kejora.

I understood that some old road names especially those that are named after some rich Chinese businessmen or the British Colonial have been changed periodacally in the last couple of years as our very BOLEH goment want to have a more ‘Malaysian’ feel in our road naming exercise.

Now, what is wrong with the name Jalan Alor in the first place?????

Don’t tell me Jalan Alor sounds ‘foreign’!!!!????

Why our public service agent is so EFNBTD (eat full nothing better to do) and do all these kinds ‘boh liew’ stuff and not go and better manage some other more important issues? Why don’t they go clear the rubbish that choked the drains in Jalan Alor or drains in the Klang Valley?

What makes them think that they can ‘suka-suka’ change any road names when it strike their fancy?

Don’t you think our country is run by a group of clowns and Malaysia is turning into a circus now??? geeezzzeeeeee….


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  1. 3lilangels says:

    Yeahlah…… only clever to do unproductive and stupid things like this!!!

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