My *Yummy* Rojak post

I’ve been in Penang for almost 4 years but I am still very unfamiliar with a lot of places that offering yummy food. You see, PiggyBeng is very fussy and he only eats at the few places of his choice so I did not get to venture to other places too often and I seldom go on my own since I’m such a lousy driver…. *bleah~* (I hate side or parallel parking!)

Then last week, PiggyBeng suddenly announced to me that he found a new place selling rojak (mixed fruits with prawn paste) called Rojak King @ 5th Street (Gor Tioa Lor). I asked him if he had tried before and he said, no. (I remembered hearing about this place from one of PiggyBeng’s aunt when I just got married but never go and look for it) He just heard from one of his colleague. So we decided to drive there to have a look the previous Friday. It was so crowded that we decided to go again the next day. Too bad they were closed when we arrived (too late).




Finally we get to buy last Friday after checking the place for the 4th time!

That day we were early (around 2pm) and the stall was not busy though I saw they are still busy preparing some orders. Apparently you can order via phone (so high tech hor?) πŸ˜› So we park across the road and I got down to buy. Being my first time and being blinded by the hot sun, I did not read the signboard properly and I ordered 2 packets seeing the packet of fruit being pretty small.

Since there were no one around I took the liberty to chat with the seller. It is a husband and wife team. I asked them about the pricing and their operating hours. They are open every day except Monday from 1.30pm onwards.

I paid RM8 for 2 packets…. a little pricey though. Inside the fruit packets I found mango, guava, pineapple, mengkuang (Chinese radish?), water apple, raw papaya and cuttlefish slices. I asked to omit the cucumber thinking it will be too watery later but realised they used Japanese cucumber which is not as watery as the normal ones. The sauce is packed separately in another dish. The sauce tasted very rich with lots of prawn paste and covered with roasted peanuts and baby shrimps!

Overall, this is one of the better rojak I have tasted but can’t be taking these too often… the sauce is very sinful! πŸ˜›

How to get there? If you are travelling along the coastal highway from Penang Bridge, make a right turn on the 1st traffic light. You can see a Post office on your right opposite the stall. It is just right in front of a coffee shop.

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  1. sting says:

    the most important ingredient is the sauce ya… RM4 per pack is bit pricey but if they give you such rich sauce, the satisfaction is probably quite worth it? πŸ™‚

    stings last blog post..Open House

  2. Angeline says:

    Yo! If there’s a chance to hop over to Penang, I’ll definitely be heading down here!

    but to stop my craving, I think I’ll need to order a plate of Rojak tomorrow!

    Angelines last blog post..Working Mothers Forum

  3. yvonne says:

    Aiyoooo… I want Rojak!! I want Rojak!!