Bento Fun #38

Wanted to post this last night but don’t know what’s wrong with my blog that it kept telling me it can’t be load! Checked all my blogs and seemed that all are affected so I went and sleep lar! 😛

This Bento was made on Wednesday as I did not cook lunch. We went to Tesco for groceries shopping and we had take-away from KFC…yeah I’m still very much into that Spicy Crunch! :mrgreen: Imagine the amount of fat I’ve piled up since they launched this flavor!

Darrius can only take the Original Recipe (OR) since it is not spicy. He has been bugging me the moment we entered Tesco that he wanted KFC. I have to rush through the shopping and pack the chicken. We used to dine there but lately I find it more enjoyable to eat at home… can slowy bite.. and no mess and mah-huan toddler screaming for his Milo! 😛



From top left: Cut Mini croissant on skewers, Cherry tomatoes and OR KFC chicken drumstick on a bed of cerlyn endive (coral lettuce)


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0 Responses to Bento Fun #38

  1. I am going back to Msia to have my hot and spicy KFC too and not forgetting McD also.

    Darrius is so lucky wo, got u to create so many bentos for him.

    Malaika’s mummys last blog post..Going back to Malaysia

  2. got drumstick somemore.. yummy~

    lil prince’s mums last blog post..Japanese Buffet

  3. shoppingmum says:

    I’m drooling over your KFC! It’s funny that the hot and spicy tastes different here, if not I will go buy some later. LOL!

    shoppingmums last blog post..An Evening with Mommy

  4. 3lilangels says:

    ooh….. drumstick!! Enuf said!

    3lilangelss last blog post..Bento # 61 – all about cars

  5. Hooi Ling says:

    wah, you so “kut lat” (hard working), bought KFC also put it into nice bento. Darrius is a lucky boy!

    Hooi Lings last blog post..Back On Routine

  6. Angeline says:

    this reminded me that I haven’t been going KFC for a long time!

    Angelines last blog post..Feast of love

  7. leona says:

    I had KFC too last nite. Ate the twister. Is the spicy crunch hot?? tempted…

  8. i heard from a friend that used to work at KCF, their chicken got hormone and antibiotic injection leh, so don’t let our kids eat to much leh…

    btw, it is always fun to see your bento, i want to update mine too..heehee

    Stephanie Koks last blog post..Naomi walk walk at Ikano

  9. jazzmint says:

    wah u oso addicted with the spice crunch LOL me too!!

  10. The spicy one so good meh? I tend to stay off spice as I grew older. Differences in tastebuds now

    allthingspurples last blog post..Bento #84

  11. Angeleyes says:

    Malaika mummy,
    Hopefully they still have this flavor when you’re back… it is definitely better than the regular hot and spicy.

    lil prince’s mum,
    Thanks for popping by~~

    I tot the Thai’s hot and spicy should taste even better???

    heehee… go get some later hor??? 😛

    Hooi Ling,
    Just the chicken look so boring mah and Darrius don’t really like those side dishes from KFC

    Then you should pop by and buy some for dinner eh? 😛

    I don;t think by our standard it is hard lar… unless you can’t take chili at all… 😛

    I tell you… all chickens also injected with all kind of funny thing.. just that we were not told. Even the kampung/free range chicken as there are fakes in the markets. The only safest and free of watever nonsense are those that we rear ourselves from little chickies.

    hehehee… yeah, this is a something appetizing when you lazy to cook!

    This one is better than the regular one but still can’t beat the ones (tom yum spice) I had back in Singapore years ago.