Vegetarian for a day

This post is a little late due to a lot of interruption in the past 2 days.

On last Sunday, for the very first time in my life I was a vegetarian (well almost!) since morning till night! Not sure if it was PiggyBeng’s first time too but he was with me the entire day and we ate nothing but vegetarian food!

For breakfast, PiggyBeng bought some vegetarian pancakes so that my MIL can have some before going off. Then for lunch, we went to PiggyBeng’s eldest aunt home where she cooked a mini feast of vegetarian yummies. This was my second time joining the event as they has it every year. I brought Darrius with me last year as PiggyBeng was away on biz trip.

Almost all the relatives came and enjoy the scrumptious meals prepared. Lots of vegetarian dishes such as curry chicken, braised mushrooms with pork, stir-fry vegetable combo, ‘siew-ngor’ or roasted goose, ‘kiam-hu’ or salted fish, ‘jien-bak-yew’ or fried pork lard as well as ‘kerabu’ or salad which we had with mock cuttlefish… yummy! šŸ˜›




Darrius was having loads of fun playing with his cousins. They hardly meet but when they do, they have no problems playing with each other! When feeding him, he even told one of his cousin sister to wait for him so that they can play later. On the top left pic, he was so suaku sitting on the cane rocking chair for the first time. Then we finally see Little PeiQi (bottom right) after so many months… The last time I saw her was last year a week after she was born… how time flies! Darrius was so busy playing with the toys there that he even refused to eat the watermelon which he has been eying earlier!

We left after spending about 3 hours there and went to get some rojak (mix fruits with prawn paste) at a nearby stall. This is one of the famous rojak in Penang. Located in Sungai Dua, he only operates from 2pm onwards. Though it has prawn paste but the fruits are still considered as vegetarian! šŸ˜† (ok, ok, there are a few pieces of cuttlefish). šŸ˜› Then we drove to town for a car wash.




Then on that evening, we went to join MIL at the Tanjong Tokong Temple located near Gurney Drive. It was a little chaotic as people will come and join in the dinner on the tables spread outside the temple. We were lucky to get a ‘new table’ so our dishes are ‘new’. If not, we will get dishes which will be replenished after the other people from other group has left… a little unhygienic hor? šŸ˜

At the temple we saw a float which carried the ‘boat’ that will join the ‘parade’ before sending the Gods off to the sea. Apparently there was a parade in the city which we did not go on Tuesday night as it was raining on and off. Hopefully we can go and join in the fun next year… It was an eventful day no less! šŸ™‚


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  1. Hooi Ling says:

    Where is this famous rojak store in Sg Dua? *drooling liao*

    Hooi Lings last blog post..Back On Routine

  2. Vien says:

    You mean the temple cafeteria doesn’t replenish new dishes? Eee…that’s so gross.

  3. hihi… wow, i love vegetarian curry chicken wor. i remember the last time i ate vegetarian curry lamb… tasted like real!!! hahahah…

    i ate lunch at a temple too for the Nine Emperor Celebration. But, this temple not so gross la.. it’s more like a buffet spread!

    Oscar’s Mommys last blog post..September Wrap-Up

  4. wah…darrius look like a big kor kor sitting in the rattan chair šŸ˜€ boy..the food is making me hungry.

    mommy to chumsys last blog post..The Pneumococcal Injection

  5. chinnee says:

    love his RockIng Chair!!