Skin MD to the rescue

I discovered that my skin turns topsy-turvy when I was in my teenage years and since then I tend to get skin problems on and off. I have bought many creams and lotions and even prescriptions from the doctors in the past to apply the different parts of my body as each area seems to be different, somehow.

I must confess that I have a lot of half used bottle of creams and lotions everywhere in the house as none seems to work the way I wanted them to.

So, when someone from Skin MD wanted to send me a bottle of their Shielding Lotion for a review, I was elated and jumped on the opportunity since the product is from the US. And when I received the bottle of lotion, I was surprised to find that it can be used not only on the body but the face too! Very seldom I can find skin care products meant for the body can be used on the face.

Coincidentally my feet were suffering from dryness and I have a huge dry patch on both  sides which made them look very rough…. and ugly. I applied some of the Skin MD lotion and to my surprise the roughness was gone within a few days of applications!

The other things I like about Skin MD Shielding Lotion is, it is fragrance free, light-weight and non-greasy on my skin. It will dries up after a few seconds and I can feel a layer of protective skin on my skin.

“Shielding Lotions are a new type of skin care product based on years of research into how skin heals. They form a protective shield with the outer layer of skin and help keep out irritants. They allow the natural oils and moisture to remain in the skin so it can heal better and they’re light in texture so they go on without a greasy mess. Your skin needs help to keep out these moisture-robbing irritants.” – Dr. Brian Zogg

I am pretty happy with Skin MD Shielding Lotion and I think I will throw away all my other half used lotions which does not give much effects to my funny skin. This lotion will definitely follow us to everywhere we go, especially to colder countries where the air is usually dry. I would highly recommend to use this lotion during winter when skin tends to dries up and crack.

Thanks to Skin MD for giving me this opportunity to review this great product.


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