Who will be the next victim?

A few days ago, my MIL posted me a question. She asked me, ‘Will that famous C***bank be the next victim of the current financial turmoil that hits US?’  Honestly, I don’t have any idea but I did read from the news that they are already in trouble in the US as they are also suffering from the sub prime mortgage woes.

My MIL was worried as she hold their credit card and have some savings with them and if they do ‘close-shop’, she wants to know what will happen to her monies. She is contemplating canceling her account if the condition is not that ‘rosy’.

Like myself, I was worried about my other insurance policies too. I too heard that the company of the few policies that I’m holding may face the same problem. Don’t know if I should terminate them or get other life insurance quote from smaller companies if I can do a transfer…


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