Too much meat and carbo!

On Wednesday, also the first day of Hari Raya, it was still raining but luckily it stopped in the afternoon. And since we did not planned to go anywhere, Chef PiggyBeng went according to his plan to cook pork ribs… again. πŸ˜›

We invited a relative to join us but last minute he told us he can’t make it and since my MIL on the long vegetarian week for the 9 Emperors event, we have lots of left overs. So what happened when there just too much food? We have to clear them lor!

I went to the market and bought back quite a lot of stuff. Found some nice pearl corns which will go well with the ribs and I prepared some chicken mushroom soup topped with puff pastry too. There were some other sides dishes which I did not snap any photos as PiggyBeng was so famished when the ribs were ready around 1.30pm.

We still have another portion of the ribs sitting in the freezer and PiggyBeng thought of doing again next week… you tell me how to lose weight??? I think I’ve been piling up on meat and carbo (all the instant noodles) lately and I dare not stand on the scale as I know I’ve piled up quite a lot. 😐

Now, I am still thinking if I should start taking one of those recommended diet supplements to wash out all the fats I’ve accumulated lately. I’ve heard of this Alli diet pills but still worried about their side effects. According to a review, some of theΒ alli side effects includes oily anal discharge, loose stools or diarrhea just like the other weight lose product, Xenical which I was contemplating taking when I in Singapore. Imagine you get oil stains on your pants out of the blue?? :mrgreen:


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0 Responses to Too much meat and carbo!

  1. Leeyen says:

    Ha! eating without concerning about getting fat will be more fun! Just eat lah don’t think about diet pills! ha! easy said than done! i myself also stand on the scale to watch my diet!

    Leeyens last blog post..It’s more than an ornament!

  2. sting says:

    I love mushroom soup topped with puff pastry… any recipes, which puff to get? πŸ™‚

    stings last blog post..Hubby To The Rescue

  3. platinumgirl says:

    Hehehe no need to diet la ….. eat first and diet later πŸ˜›