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It’s Halloween and it has been 2 years!

Though we don’t celebrate Halloween here but businesses are taking the opportunity to rake in some bucks by promoting the event. While we were in Mid Valley earlier, I saw some staff from a few of the restaurants there are … Continue reading

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Lets go to NYC…

Before our trip to KL I had some conversation with my MIL. She was asking me where we will go for our family vacation next year if no new ‘arrival’ in the family. It is still too early to decide … Continue reading

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Eat & shop till fever…

… so kua-cheong hor? It has been extremely hectic since the day we arrived and I only guai-guai stayed home on Tuesday. The rest of the days I was out almost the entire day! Of course all those days are … Continue reading

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What toys to get him?

Darrius’s birthday is less than a month away and my parents and my MIL has been asking what should they get him for his birthday. Honestly, I have no ideas too since I have been buying so many toys for … Continue reading

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Bento Fun #45

This is my last Bento post till I return to Penang on Sunday as I did not bring along any of my Bento gadgets with me to KL (though I have some when Christene, Chooi Peng and Min) passed me … Continue reading

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Mini ‘makan-makan’ vacation in KL… again…

If you have noticed the unusually slow in posting, it is because we are all in KL for a mini vacation… yet again! We arrived on Friday evening and has been feasting since… PiggyBeng will be flying off to BKK … Continue reading

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Sikulu & Harambe – A Story of Good Samaritan and Book Giveaway!

When the book, Sikulu and Harambe By the Zambesi River came through the mail a few days ago, Darrius was estastic when he saw me holding the package and asked me who is it for? I told him that it … Continue reading

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