After the recalls, now what?

It has been a week already after the humongous China tainted milk scare. Now that they have recalled many items on the supermarket shelves, what is going to happen to those products which have been recalled?

Will they destroy all the products?

I was chatting with PiggyBeng and he asked me these questions…

1. Do you think they will dump all those milk and food away?

2. How sure are you that they will not keep them and bring out later and sell to consumers again?

3. They have been unethical and do you think they will continue to be unethical since this has involved lots of money being dumped away?

Ok. These questions has really put me on my thinking cap. Since there is no way we can escape from not using China made products how can we be certain that the future food imported from China are save to be consumed?

So, what do you think?


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0 Responses to After the recalls, now what?

  1. min says:

    those products recalled in SG have been destroyed! 🙂 it was shown on TV and Papers .. But in CHina , hard to say ! they might repackage and sell again ?

  2. LZmommy says:

    I think in Singapore, it should be safe. For now, I have learn to check out where the item from before buying it.

    LZmommys last blog post..Bento #86

  3. I think for now stop using China milk product. Personally, I don’t trust China food product so I am not worried about future using it.

    Maybe should start eating organic food lor…

    Stephanie Koks last blog post..Our Car Window Mysteriously Broken

  4. wen says:

    i agree and now i think i will refrain myself fr buying china stuff or food for many yrs. i go ask hubby first

    wens last blog post..Ian’s 5th Birthday Celebration

  5. rachel says:

    now is milk, i wonder what is next from china….

    no need think so much. must be paranoid. avoid goods from china for the time-being.

    rachels last blog post..Rojak..Rojak

  6. sting says:

    am sure some of them will wait until all the hoo-haa has died down and then bring out the tainted products for sale… they have so much to lose if they were to destroy all those goods… how do we avoid? stop buying (or at least reduce buying) those imported from China for the time being I guess…

    stings last blog post..A Splashing Holiday

  7. same here. I have always been wary of food products from China (that black bean fish, that luncheon meat, those fake eggs), but that milks are tainted had me shaken. I don’t think dishonest ppl will stop being dishonest. They prob get back to it again. I will try to reduce food from China as much as I can, except those with raw produce, there is really no way of telling. I suppose checking around and buy those that seems safest is the best option.

    allthingspurples last blog post..Mushroom Fritters Bento

  8. Angeline says:

    I’m with your piggybeng.
    you know, even if the product says MADE IN Blah blah blah, IT DOESN’T SAY where the INGREDIENTS COME FROM? so what if we check the packaging?! we still would never know…isn’t that right?

  9. 3lilangels says:

    Definitely no processed food from China. And extra careful on raw produce, although we can’t control those made elsewhere with China ingredients. I personally like ‘made in Australia’ stuff as they are so stringent on raw produce imports.

    Another note : When tapau food, especially those with hot soup, better to bring own container/ tiffin carrier etc, as plastic may leach into the food. Also better for environment.

    3lilangelss last blog post..Girlet’s Piano Mini-Concert

  10. elwi says:

    I think, if China government really give harsh punishment to all the culprits and people connected with the crime such as being ‘shot- to death’ or ‘ life sentences prison’ maybe, just maybe they’ll stop such unethical crime for a while.
    I personally think they deserve the ‘death sentences’ since they have killed 4 innocent infant and maybe more.

    elwis last blog post..Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri

  11. Irene says:

    prob wont buy food tats “made in china” but wat about THINGS “made in china”? everything is made in china nowadays. sigh.

    Irenes last blog post..boyzone…