Hooked on Online Shopping

The last couple of weeks I have been shopping… real hard… and losing control! You won’t believe it that I’ve ‘invested’ more than $300 on online shopping alone… well with shipping of course! I know this is getting more and more ‘dangerous’ but I just can’t help it! There just too many things I can find online which I can’t find from shops around here!!

First it was some baking gadgets and now it has flow to Bento collections as well as Thomas and Friends stuff since Darrius is bitten by the bugs! And I must say all these stuff don’t come cheap most of the time. I have so many Bento stuff now, they over flowed the box I bought to keep them! Some have to be squeezed in my MIL’s cabinets! :mrgreen: But the greed made me buy more and more!!!

Then a few nights ago while searching for some used Thomas and Friend’s VCDs I chanced upon a site selling lots of characters items and they were having Fall Sale… I found Thomas and Friends clothing at 50% off!!!! You tell me how to resist???? Haiyo! I ‘invested’ a cool $100 for a few sets.

And all those are meant for Darrius…

Maybe I should start to get something for myself… been longing to get another handbag since I don’t have to lug too many of Darrius stuff now. Maybe get a Coach bag??? :mrgreen: Then I was thinking of getting another pair of good walking cum sport shoes since mine has gone k-o after not wearing for a few years. Saw some really cool keen shoes and also found out a few of them are on sale too… aiyoh so tempting!!!!

Must go and find more advertisers to put advertisements on my site so I can have some extra moolah to shop! :mrgreen:


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  1. 3lilangels says:

    You must be feeling very deprived in Penang. Yeahlah, after Singapore where branded things are cheaper and aplenty, Malaysia seem pathetic. Furthermore in Penang…….. *_*

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  2. Adri says:

    LOL!! I love the creative word ‘invested’!
    I have discovered that online shopping is often cheaper than going to the shops.
    Lately I tend to buy the designer fashion and designer shoes, bags etc online at a fraction of the price! Mind you, my bank did call and ask if I have lost my credit card- the online purchases were ‘out of character’ hehehehe
    Well, since the whole of the internet is my shopping mall… why the heck not! After all, why buy hiking boots when I can have a Prada bag for xmas?