Darrius’s latest love

The toy box has been sitting quietly in one corner of our living room lately as Darrius has not been touching it for a while. I’ve dumped all his toys inside the box but he has not bothered to open it up and take any of his toys out. He gets bored real fast. His masak toys, his soft toys, cars, trucks and whats not are being ignored at the moment. Only on occasion he will take out his bag of blocks and entertain himself for a while.


Well, Darrius has a new love…




Jigsaw puzzles! He loves them so much that I’ve been buying for him to keep him busy.

Remember that day when I get really upset when he lost one piece of the Thomas the Tank puzzle set? Well, that did not deter me getting him new ones as I found some really cheap ones in Popular the other day. The one he is playing (pic) is 70 pieces and cost only RM2.99!!! If lost also not heart pain… hehehe

He used to play with those 12pcs to 30 pcs sets but I found that he finished them too fast and he don’t find them challenging anymore so I got to find those with more pieces for him.

Like Mommy Khong said, if one or a few pieces are missing, we should not fret as it will miraculously show up one day since it is only played within the house.


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0 Responses to Darrius’s latest love

  1. whoisbaby says:

    so good lar, he so patient sitting there do the puzzle. i tried giving brandon one 12 pcs puzzle, and showed him to do get it done. then i let him do it, but he threw all pieces away. *sigh* my boy no patience.

  2. khongfamily says:

    70 pieces…gosh…Darrius can play very well hor. I only bought 20 pieces for the kids lerr. Hmm..maybe I should get more pieces puzzle…but if lose any of the pieces…die lorr :).

  3. Ryan mami says:

    Wah… 70 pieces?? RM2.99? where did you get it?
    Darrius is really smart leh… playing the 70pcs puzzle!!

  4. 70 pieces??? Wow… he got patient to finish the puzzle???

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  5. 3lilangels says:

    Darius is so clever, already doing 70 pcs puzzle. Very good concentration, there.

    RM2.99 for 70 pcs is really cheap. Like you said, doesn’t matter if lose a piece. Anyway, things have a way of reappearing when you’re not looking for it.

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  6. Lovelymummy says:

    he is so clever, can go for 70 pcs puzzle at such age. my son plays 30 pcs only…will get more pcs for him…hehe

  7. LiL'deviL says:

    Not if the pieces accidentally ‘fell’ into the rubbish bin! Ethan’s Leap Frog phonics alphabets magnets missing a ‘W’ for a very long time already. I doubt that it’s still in the house.

    LiL’deviLs last blog post..Happy birthday dad and bro!