Lastest Update on Tainted Milk

Due to all the tainted milk scares… a lot of the milk companies in Malaysia are putting up press releases to calm their consumers. I guess if the milk is not something our kids take, we would not bother much but since our kids are the biggest consumers… we, as parents has to CARE!

This morning I have received emails forwards from fellow blogging mommies and it seems that most of the milk sold here are not affected but are we still as wary? I am! But after thinking long and short, Darrius only takes 16oz of milk a day so, I should not be too uptight about it. :mrgreen: According to some experts, if we do consume melamine in small amount it will be flushed out in our urine and is not life threatening unless we are taking above the limit for a long period.

For those of you who wants to know if the milk your kidos are taking is within the ‘safe’ group, check out this list.

Well, guess I won’t want to lose sleep for this case… after all, we can always use the milk for beauty purposes Mama AnnieQ says… 😛


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0 Responses to Lastest Update on Tainted Milk

  1. wen says:

    headache liao, must go thru my kitchen cabinet edi!

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  2. chooi peng says:

    the site said Enfa milk is ‘Manufactured in Malaysia’, but the tin said it is import from Thailand! weird!! and no wonder so expensive!


  3. Christy says:

    I understand how you feel; even me who doesn’t take milk also lost confidence in the whole issue and whatever dairy products whether they are from China or not and they can’t blame us.
    I am praying for the remaining 53,000 kids in China who may be affected and also all the other milk-drinking infants that they will not affected – all because of some irresponsible people who cared only about profit!!!!

    Christys last blog post..Sinus, an old friend/foe is back….

  4. 3lilangels says:

    Darius only drinks 16 oz a day?? Looks like he really loves solid food. My 4 year old still drinks 20 oz, and is so picky over his solids. My 2 yr old is worse, drinking milk 4-5 times a day, about 30 oz. No wonder I’m spending RM400-500 on milk a month. Must really cut down their consumption.

    BTW, thanks for the list.