Bento Fun #30

PiggyBeng has stopped taking bread as he felt bread made him fat… bah! I don’t understand why they stopped selling the half loaf of bread here. I used to buy the half loaf when I was in Singapore but it is not popular in Malaysia. I always have difficulties finishing the entire loaf of Gardenia bread within a few days.. even with Darrius’s help.

Once the unfinished bread goes into the fridge, they are no longer soft so I will have to steam them or make french toast with them. So, here is another snack Bento I put up for Darrius…



Star and moon shaped red Pitaya with Pooh Bear shaped French toasts glazed with honey


Darrius love French toasts and he has no problem finishing that few slices. He even asked for more but that was all I left for him. I ate my share earlier…. 😛


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  1. jazzmint says:

    wahh yum yum…my girl asking wht is that LOL…u mean u toast it first, then oni u cut?