Chocolate over-loaded

It is so scary to keep reading about all the tainted milk products and having chocolates is the furthest thing on my mind now… unless it is something worth eating and SAFE to consume.

Every year when my MIL returns from her annual vacation to Germany, she will brings these back without fail…




I used to be a huge fancee especially the GIOTTO but after eating so much of them I’m kinda sick of them already. They tasted just like the common Ferrero Roche chocolates but in smaller balls. PiggyBeng likes the white one (Rafaello) which are coated with desiccated coconuts. I think we can get the Rafaello here but not the GIOTTO.

But there is one which I still like a lot since I took them in Germany during my honeymoon so my MIL will get me a box every year…




This one I can guarantee we can’t get them here! It is yummylicious! *slurp~* 😛


p/s: I think there is a similar product by Munchy which I suspected that they copied the Hanuta coz they were launched after my honeymoon! And guess what? I saw the interview about the launch and the Product Director has the cheek to say their product is the first ever in the market! Booooooooooooooooooooo! Some marketing people are soooo low! They thought the consumers are a bunch of goo-goos!


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0 Responses to Chocolate over-loaded

  1. Shooi says:

    Cannot finish..remember to yek kai fong…kakakakakak

    Shoois last blog post..Bento #1

  2. KittyCat says:

    Hahaha you like the simple chocolates also eh?

    Same here…my fav is actually Richeport milk chocolate or something? I LOVE Toblerone too 🙂

    Forgot the brand already…sorry, seeing too many Chinese!

    KittyCats last blog post..Milk madness: Fonterra or China?

  3. WS says:

    Hanuta is also my fav!!!! too bad my brother stopped working with the German company. Else, he always bring home 1 pack on every of his biz trip….

    WSs last blog post..Ern’s First Pet