Bento Fun #28

This is last Saturday Bento I did for Darrius since we decided not to go out for lunch. It was a very simple lunch but I managed to make it look like we had a lot of stuff! :mrgreen:

From the way I decorate you will know it was a ‘quickie’ as I was just too lazy to go cut the nori out. Instead I just sprinkle the nori flakes where the eyes, nose and mouth is supposed to be.



Top: Stir-fry pork strips with blanched brocolli, stir-fry celery and Pitaya cubes
Bottom: Bunny, heart and bear shaped rice with nori flakes on a bed of minced pork with water chestnut


Min wanted to see Darrius while he’s having his Bento so I took a pic of him munching. He wasn’t feeling too good that day as he was still suffering from the bad cough. Nevertheless, he diligently finished all the food… probably too many days of sick people food so even a simple minced pork taste better! hehehehe

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0 Responses to Bento Fun #28

  1. jazzmint says:

    wah so nice he finish all. sure makes u feel so syiok and do more bento šŸ˜‰

  2. min says:

    hehe.. my lil’ bf never smile šŸ™‚ he looks a bit tired here… get well soon! and be a good boy ok? don’t drive mummy up the wall!

  3. Darrius reminds me a lot of Kimberly when she was young. She was always a grave looking child, and only laughs at play or cartoons. Very careful with her smiles. haha.

    allthingspurples last blog post..Ashley and her daddy

  4. 3lilangels says:

    wah, he finished all that? That’s more than what my 4-yr old boy eats. Glad his appetite is better.

    3lilangelss last blog post..Babylet puzzles

  5. yvonne says:

    He’s such a good boy.. mine.. have to scream and lecture yet cant finish his food.

    Darrius looking awfully glum there tho. Hope he’s feeling much better now.

  6. Annie Q says:

    he can finish all the mince meat? so good! my boys only can take few small spoon only. Happy to see Darrius enjoy his food so much.

    Annie Qs last blog post..Happy belated "tang lung" celebration!!