Arrgghhh! So stressed up!

Last night Darrius lost a piece of his jigsaw puzzle… again. This is a new Thomas the Tank puzzle which I’ve just bought for him a week ago. This is not the first time he loses pieces of hi puzzles. There were a few sets where a few pieces were gone and unrecoverable so far. When one piece is missing means the entire puzzle is ‘gone’ since we won’t be able to have a complete set.

I was so furious at home that I caned him a few times while asking him to look for that missing piece. In all that ‘heat’ Darrius only look at me and cry. Whenever I asked him to go for that missing piece he will just go around but do nothing to help finding. And what made me even more stressed up, he will go and play with his other toys half way and leave me waiting for him! He don’t seems to learn or understand.

His ‘tidak-apa‘ (don’t care) kind of attitute is really getting onto my nerves. He don’t learn even after the upteen times I ‘threaten‘ to throw away all his toys. Scold him now and five minutes later he will do it all over again. I really cannot take it that everyday I spent so much time picking up his toys.

Another thing that add on to my anger is he likes to draw on all the ‘forbidden’ areas. We already provided him with ample drawing blocks, papers, coloring books and white board but he will draw on purpose on books which he is not supposed to draw or scribble on!

Just don’t know till when I will need to drum all those into his head… to pick up his toys after playing!

Now that I’m so mad with him I’ve kept his toys again and told him that I’ve ‘threw’ them all away since he is not picking them up after he played with them… No more new toys until he learns how to pick them up! bleah~*


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  1. khongfamily says:

    I have the same problems with you. We just bought two new sets of puzzles and the kids lost ONE piece…..arrrghhh. So frustrating! And frankly, it had happened soooo many times. I always ask them to put all the puzzles on the mat before they play and yet still can hilang don’t know where.

    And you will surprise when the piece will appear out of nowhere in a few days time – so just wait lor. This also happen to me…when Shay showed me a piece of another puzzle out of nowhere.

  2. huisia says:

    this happened to me too, imagine i have 2 boys, and my house never look tidy! Also my wall, is filled with stickers, scribbles and other unknown dirties…

  3. sting says:

    sigh.. me too and my son loves to purposely (at least I think so) hide things and then give me the innocent look when I ask for it (not that he can understand I guess)! what about getting Darrius those “whatchamacallit” wipe-able crayons?

    stings last blog post..Say Papa…

  4. rachel says:

    cool down mummy……
    i’m sure u will find the missing pieces somewhere…

    rachels last blog post..Picasa Software

  5. Darrius is not yet 3 hor….Mei Mei is already 4 and I’m still picking after her. I’ve been nickname “Kak YaMi” because I’m like the servant around the house.

    Relax ya, don’t stress yourself out. There’s still 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. years to go. LOL. *runs away from Angeleyes’ rottten eggs*

    Immomsdaughters last blog post..My Shopping Loot

  6. yvonne says:

    Aaah.. I could relate to that. Dont know how much hair I’ve lost in the last 29 months. But ‘ban ban lai’, he’s still young. Don’t fret ya. 😀

  7. KittyCat says:

    Cool down…I got really fed up with Lucas too esp when the preschool teachers told me it’s MY fault he’s also not picking up in school!

    Alamak…all the China kids very ‘kuai’ and ‘ding hua’ one will keep toys after playing. Only my ‘wai guo ren’ boy is naughty 😛

    To maintain Malaysian pride, I sit down with him and ask him to pick up all his building blocks. If he doesn’t, I’m gonna throw them away – I really pick up a few and threw them into a CLEAN, empty rubbish bin.

    He panicked and yelled, “Mai throw! Mai throw!” and quickly picked them up. He will get distracted also lor but I’ll remind him to pick them up again. Sigh, in the end have to help him pick up half.

    After a few days of “training”, he’ll clear his stuff quite OK since he knows this Mummy is NOT the jokey type hahaha Try and see lor with ONE toy first…

    Don’t canelah…sayang Darrius only! I yell and scream a lot and at the most, slap the arm or thigh once when he’s really stubborn.

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