Mr. Whinny

The last two days, Darrius has been extra whinny… so before I forget, I better jot it down here so I’ll remember this episode.

Yesterday I had a cupcake project so I have to lock myself in the dining hall to complete my project as the customer wants to collect them earlier. Since it was a Saturday, PiggyBeng is at home so I told him to take care of Darrius till I’m done.

Funny thing is, that boy was so sticky and whinny… will cry for no apparent reasons and was really difficult for most part of the day. He refused to let PiggyBeng to touch him and will scream and scream if I told him to let daddy to help him do this and that. He will come to the door between the living and dining hall and show me the ‘ker-lian‘ (pitiful) face.

He will bring his toys and jigsaw puzzles and throw them near the door just to try to get my atttention. After a while he will starts to whine again and if I told him that I’ll need to finish my work he will starts to cry louder… aiyoh!

Anyway, today he is better… not that whinny but very ‘cheong hei’ (long winded)! *slapped head*

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  1. 3lilangels says:

    Yeah, that’s the annoying part when kids are not well. They get super whinny. Boys are worse because they don’t grow out of it – have lower pain tolerance. My nephew is already 15, and when he’s sick, it’s like he’s dying. Come to think of it, my hubby is only slightly better…..hehe….

    I’ve been admiring your cupcakes. They are very beautifully done!

    3lilangelss last blog post..Babylet puzzles