I need to move more…

Sometimes staying at home can be a bad thing… too much of sitting and bumming around makes a person extremely lazy! I really miss my life back in Singapore where I was constantly on the move… since I don’t have a car so basically I walk to everywhere! Now I am so reliant on our car… I hardly get to walk much except those short trips to the hyper markets!

At one point of time I do contemplating joining the nearby gym to have some workout done… at least but the timing just isn’t right since I have Darrius with me the whole day. I was thinking at least I can do some workout on some of the ellipticals will do my body some good but I really don’t know how to squeeze those time out.

We have one old set of track mill here but it looked a little ‘old’ and I am kinda doubt it performance… heheehe… more like I’m just lazy huh? 😛


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