Stylish Stroller

It has been a while since we last look at any strollers. When we go out now, we either let Darrius walk on his own or when we can get hold of a shopping trolley, we will just put him in and push him around.

However, there are times when I do feel we need to have one with us. Our current stroller is a light weight one which is good for traveling but if I can, I would like to get one stylish looking one where it has slightly more functions.

I was looking at this STOKKE XPLORY stroller which is being sold. Though it is a little bulky but what I like about this stroller is, it can be used a high chair! How convenient is that?? 

Knowing that sometimes when we can’t get a decent high chair when we eat at some of the foodcourts or restaurant, this stroller can be quite handy…

Now that Darrius is extremely curious, he would like to be high up so he can see more and won’t have to bug us to carry him up so that he can see what’s up there!


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