Book Review: Sam Feels Better

Remember about the my post sometime back on Darrius about his ‘Awujiak‘? Darrius seems to have a weak heart somehow and I find it weird that he has developed this imagination about monsters and ghostly things though he is still so young.

I’ve never exposed him to any of these things (showing him pictures or shows) until lately when he decided to play punk with my MIL’s praying altar. One day, PiggyBeng decided to draw a  ‘face’ (it was not ugly or anything) on the balloon just so Darrius will keep off the praying altar… It was never meant to be harmful but it turned out to be… unfortunately.

Ever since that episode, Darrius has developed this fear whenever he sees the balloon with the face. Sometimes he will even point to any balloons he sees as ‘Awujiak‘.

Then I received this book, ‘Sam Feels Better Now‘ written by Jill Osborne and illustrated by Kevin Collier. This book is about this little boy Sam who is going to visit a special therapist, Mrs. Carol. The reason Sam and his mom visiting Mrs. Carol was because, Sam was scared by something awful and Mrs. Carol was supposed to help Sam feels better.

I find that this book is quite good as it gives parents or guardians some basic guides to deal with their kids’ feelings. Every kid has different feelings and the different ways to deal with them so it is only appropriate that we, as the parents find the appropriate solutions to help them, to cope in many instances.

It is always a good idea to empower our children to take control of their feelings and deal with them in a healthy and positive way. In this book, Sam is being asked to draw of the things that makes him feel scare and things that will makes him feel safe. Then there are pages where Sam was asked to color his feelings so he can understand how to manage his feelings using the different color.

Sometimes it is not easy for small kids to understand themselves without the help of adults especially when they are going through a traumatic stage. We need to constantly guide them and assuring them that they are doing alright.

At this stage, Darrius is still very confused about his own feelings as he is still unable to express himself. I hope with the guidance from this book, I can help him to overcome his fear about the ‘Awujiak‘ as well as other things that might has scared or stressed his little heart.

If you are parents or therapists who are helping little kids who has just gone through some traumatic experiences, this book might provide some good resources to help them overcome their fears.


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  1. Jill Osborne says:

    Thank you for the nice words about my book. I am happy to hear a parent’s feedback.

    Jill Osborne

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