How to make Darrius take his med…

Remember about my earlier post about how we fed Darrius his med?

During the last few rounds we have no problem ticking getting Darrius to down his med as we have one very powerful ‘substance’ where he will gladly open up his mouth and complete whatever we need to feed him. Sometimes, because he wanted to have this ‘substance’ he will even ask us for his med! Before the use of this ‘substance’ we practically have to wrestle with Darrius to get the med down his throat!

Want to know what is this powerful ‘substance’ is???


The ‘LIME’ as what Darrius will call them


Well… it may be a little unhealthy but it helps us so much in getting those ‘crucial’ med down Darrius’s system. In fact we would not mind at all even this is worst than sweet… as long as he gets well and with this as an only reason that he can have them. After all, if it in minimum amount, they don’t pose any health problems do they? (I ate a lot when I’m preggy with him!!!!)

Darrius will tell me “Darrius eat medicine and mommy give lime okay?”

So far he still buy this trick but I don’t know how long it can last as this morning he started to refused the med again and gone all cranky… *sigh* even I offered him the lime… it took him an hour to finally finish 2 tbsp! He was crying and pleading and told me which one he want and don’t want… (I know the med taste awful but we don’t have a choice!)

Final resort… never finish medicine, No LIME and NO TV!

That seems to work! For now today…. *bleah~*


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0 Responses to How to make Darrius take his med…

  1. Paik Ling says:

    It’s ok lah…like you said, as long as it works!! Not like he’s eating bucketfuls of them!!!

    Paik Lings last blog post..Sleep Training: Revisited

  2. 3lilangels says:

    Wah, your boy can eat ‘lime’, ah? As long as can get him to eat medicine, I say, Go for it! I’m still looking for a powerful substance to get my 2yr old to eat. Maybe should try ‘lime’.

    3lilangelss last blog post..Bento # 52

  3. hahahahaha, we use another kind of trick, I will use 2 spoons, 1 to feed her food, the first 3 round will be food, then the 4th round is medication- use the 2nd spoon. She notice it only when the medicine is in her mouth. We do the same trick until she finish her medication.

    Remember, always change the trick, sometime feed food first or water or juice or fruits…then only medicine.

    Happy trying.

    Stephanie Koks last blog post..Sunday nursery for Angel

  4. rachel says:

    cannot bribe him with other things like toys? mcd?

    rachels last blog post..Picasa Software

  5. Hooi Ling says:

    Just like you, Charlotte first tasted lollipop when she got really sick one time. I had no choice but to offer her the lollipop each time her PD gave her. But I was lucky that Charlotte didn’t really loves sweets and she only took a few taste after the med. After that she realized that med isnt that hard to take afterall and she got over it since then.

    Take it easy and be patient with them especially when they are sick. Hope everything will be ok soon.

    Take care!

    Hooi Lings last blog post..A Pleasant Surprise!

  6. yvonne says:

    Wah.. I wouldn’t mind to give my boy too if he likes so long he take his medicine willingly. He’s such a tough nut to crack when it comes to medicine. Really pengsan!

  7. health freak says:

    My gals don’t like sour lime. As long as my kids gulp down their meds, I’ll give them anything that they like. Don’t worry, as he grows older, feeding meds will be easier too, just like my 2 older gals.

  8. Annie Q says:

    aiyooo…better don let cruz to see this ‘lime”, he will finish the whole bottle in half an hour time! That is the most “horror” thing i see before!! hahahahhaha, I don’t eat sour thing but i dont know y i got a “sourish” son.

    Touch wood, so far, my boys are ok with medicine. Especially Cruz again! He is not sick, but he want to take medicine!

    Annie Qs last blog little corner – bento craze..(updated)