Bento Fun #25

Due to the flu/cough/fever chaos, I totally lost the mood to Bento… since we don’t have much food choice anyway! In fact Darrius lost his appetite after his turn contracting the fever virus. The past few days I have been cooking porridge, congee and soup only so there was nothing to pack!

Last Sunday we went to QBM for a little outdoor activities as well as some fresh air (couped up in the house for almost a week) and since it was near lunch time, I thought I’ll just prepare a small Bento for Darrius so I won’t have to scratch my head what food to get him later.

This one I did in a jiffy… boiled everything together…

Ā .


Blanched broccoli, Chicken cheese cocktails, Cherry tomatoes and Animal pasta with Furikake and nori flakes


I added a grape flavored Calci-Yum yogurt in the bag too which I did not put in the photo above. Ended up Darrius was only keen with the yogurt and not anything else…. šŸ˜¦ At the end it has became mommy’s Bento! šŸ˜›


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  1. buzzingbee says:

    Hope you get well soon! Same goes to your entire ‘camp’ šŸ˜€
    Have been enjoying seeing you bento posts….

  2. shoppingmum says:

    I can’t seem to find animal pasta here…:(

    shoppingmums last blog post..Speaking Thai