Sick and drowsy

Was feeling really bad yesterday afternoon while I was doing my cupcakes as I have fever on and off. Can’t really concentrate but luckily I managed to complete my order. The weather is quite humid and I can’t really prepare my sugar paste topping earlier as their will start to melt every few minutes.

Before the customer came to collect, PiggyBeng rushed me to our GP. I am having a bad case of sore throat and was prescribed antibiotics and some other medications. I was feeling all drowsy after taking the cough mixture and went to bed around 8pm. I was woken up by Darrius when he came in the room at about 10pm.

I was too tired and did not bother much when Darrius was throwing tantrum about his bolsters which was wet by his pee during his afternoon nap. I washed them and theywere not dried yet sotold him he has to sleep without them and he kept crying for them when he just promised me he won’t cry! *slapped forehead*

Then I fell back to sleep and has to wake up early this morning as I have another cupcake order. Since I am all drowsy, I can’t go out to the market or to Tesco to replenish my fresh produce. For two consecutive days I have been having vege soup with macaronni and therefore, can’t do any Bento. I have wanted to some musubi (rice with ham/luncheon meat) after reading from a few sites but totally no mood. Also, I thought I could get some bacon from bacon of the month club to try do the rolled sandwiches but I am too drowsy to think further… 😛


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0 Responses to Sick and drowsy

  1. chooi peng says:

    seems like it is the season of sick now!! sigh

    and get well soon

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  2. LZmommy says:

    Rest well Alice..

    LZmommys last blog post..She PASSED!

  3. Angeleyes says:

    chooi peng,
    yalor… so sudden one… until I feel like half dead…

    Thanks! I had plenty of sleep!

  4. whoisbaby says:

    so cham .. sick also need to do cupcakes. get more rest.

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  5. rachel says:

    r u feeling better already?
    get well soon.

    rachels last blog post..Fever Ends, Roseola Sets In