Bento Fun #21

This was the snack Bento for Darrius last week. Left with the last mantao in the freezer, I decided to clear it off so I can buy a new batch. Then I steamed some Salmon franfurters together with the mantao. The effect was not as good as boiling but I was lazy and trying to save some gas… πŸ˜›



Salmon frankfurters in shapes of anemonea, prunes with dried appricots and chocolate flavor mantao slices.


In fact I hardly buy sausages or frankfurters as I deemed them too salty but I must admit they are a good ‘ready to eat’ meat which can be kept in the freezer. Recently I discovered they have a range of these seafood flavors frankfurters which I did not know they exisited until I started Bento-ing!

I doubt they have all the nutritional value contained in the real thing (probably they only used a little of the juice or even flavoring!). I saw the tuna, prawn and crab flavors available too but decided I’ll try them next time when we have finished the salmon flavor ones.

Yeah, processed food is not in my list of favorite food so I don’t normally shop for them.


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  1. if can buy dried organic apricot/prunes coz non organic they use sulphur to maintain the color…so is no good for children leh…

    Stephanie Koks last blog post..My cell group friend in Inverness

  2. Angeline says:

    I think once in a while is fine.

    Angelines last blog post..I have moved…..

  3. constance says:

    wah liao eh.. i think you are really having fun hor… maybe i should start bento-ing liao

    constances last blog post..Mid Autumn Festival Mooncake Fair

  4. true, processed food isn’t good for the kids. But it is a good standby, nevertheless. I prefer home made meatball, free range chicken nuggets (can be a bit tough unless you bake them first before frying in batter) and home made fish bites. I normally cut and freeze them myself (the chicken only). MIL froze the fish nuggets for us cos I dont know how to skin the innards. Having said that, I am still fond of the good old sausage in need for speed.

    allthingspurples last blog post..Bento #68

  5. whoisbaby says:

    did you try the salmon sausages? got taste like salmon ah?

  6. Angeleyes says:

    Really kah???? I din know about that…. hmmmm Anyway, thanks for the tips.

    Yeah… got to be give sparingly especially kids.

    hehhehe… yeah… don’t lose out ah! hehehhe

    I also must start doing all those meatballs and freeze them so I don’t have to make them when I need. Sometimes I can be real lazy! πŸ˜›

    I did not try… heheheh will let you know once I try them the next time I cook. Darrius seems to like this one over the cheese cocktails that I served him.