Another wet day ahead?

The rain started on Friday and yesterday it was pouring the entire day until some places were reported suffering from flood around the island.

My parents who were on a trip to Alor Setar yesterday told me that it rained since they got on the coach in KL and it never stop till they reached. Dad was telling methe rain spoilt the trip as they can’t get to do much since it was pouringlike mad!

I was out the whole afternoon enjoying a little ‘ME’ time in QBM as Darrius stayed at home with PiggyBeng. Initially I wanted to wait for the rain to stop before going home but after more than 4 hours in the mall I get restless so I went home despite the pouring rain.

The rain did not stop till about 11pm and it was still drizzling when I woke up just now. Though I don’t mind the rain but if it is non-stop the entire day, it can be a spoiler! How to go market and have breakfast leh?

Hope it won’t rain cats and dogs today… I don’t mind a gloomy sky! 🙂


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