Of all the things I don’t want Darrius to be is a TV addict. But how do you not let your kids watch that idiot box when that is the only fun and entertaining thing around this century? (Luckily I have not introduce any PC or Online games if not he will horde my PC too!)

Darrius will get bored with all his toys after playing with them for a while…. even new toys. It is only the TV that can keep him entertained the entire day. Sometimes out of desperation I took the trouble to bring him out shopping in the hope to shorten his TV hours.

Since we do not have Astro and our very BOLEH TV channels have nothing better to watch, I will switch on his DVD or VCD for him…. the same few. Now that he is much older, he will select what he wants to watch instead of me choosing it for him. (This morning he asked for Thomas the Tank which he watched at my friend’s place… cham mou???? )

He is so addicted that even when he wants to pee, he wants me to ‘pause’ the show which he has been watching for a million times! Other times he will just peep in his pants so that he won’t have to leave the TV!

Am I doomed or what? 😐


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  1. You’re going to be doomed! I’m already twice doomed-ed. LOL. My kids are glued to cartoons they love and going to toilets is like 100m sprint just so that they don’t miss anything 😛

    *sigh* *sigh*

    Immomsdaughters last blog post..First Movie

  2. Irene says:

    haha… we are all doomed.

    wen we sampai rumah, mine will go straight to the DVD bag (where im keeping all her Hi5 dvds) and pass to me or daddy to ON. then we go to the player, she will go take the remote control & pass to me. hahahaha… this always amuses me. amazing!

    TV nanny helping me a lot leh, how not to live without it leh? o.O

    Irenes last blog post..The Other Boleyn Girl

  3. whoisbaby says:

    we too have to pause or stop the dvd when we want to bring him to potty, or else he will fight not to go unless we pause/stop. i know very cham … mine also becoming DVD addict.

    whoisbabys last blog post..My Toddler Has Hives

  4. Binky says:

    Sigh… same here too, although my Ian still doesn’t know how to choose which DVD to play. I usually let him watch Sesame Street especially the ones with Elmo in it, and he’ll be glued to the TV. He also doesn’t play with his toys much and will get bored easily. So we have to go out everyday, either to the park, to the stores to jalan-jalan or go grocery shopping, just to cut down TV time.

  5. Annie Q says:

    mine too! mine so crazy over tom and jerry now. But lucky they still don’t ask me to pause while they go to toilet. They will watch it when they just wake up, other than that..even i on it, sometime they will watch or sometime they rather go and play with my thing or mess up the house.

    But one thing good is sometime they can pick up some word or learn new word from the TV, but of course not tom and jerry show. 🙂

    Annie Qs last blog post..A Day up the hill