Tandoori @ Kapitan

Last Friday we brought my FIL for dinner. We normally go to the Chinese kopitiam near Komtar but we are really bored with the food there since we go there any other Friday! The reason is, my FIL loves to have dinner over a few cups of Chinese Pu-er tea.

For a change, we went to have Tandoori instead at one of the Nasi Kandar shop near Weld Quay (can’t remember the road name). This is not my first time having Tandoori Chicken in Penang but it was my first having it with PiggyBeng in Penang! 😆 We have wanted to try it like months ago but just never get to do it.

After making survey with some of his colleagues, he was told that this particular shop has one of the best Tandoori. Well, any food with heavy use of herbs will definitely be good… 😛


This place, KAPITAN is at a corner unit and has 2 storeys. The one upstairs is air-conditioned but due to our first time ignorance, we were seated downstairs which was a little warm and intoxicated with cigarette smoke! Also, the seatings were rather crampy sue to the way they arrange the tables and all the pillars around.

We ordered one set of Tandoori Chicken and some ala carte items together with some naan (Indian breads) and lassi (fruit milk drinks). We waited for quite a while (almost 30 mins) but still no sight of our food. Darrius was already restless and I was glad I brought a Bento for him. We went to asked a few times and only almost 45mins they came to tell us that some of the ala carte dishes takes some time to prepare! I was seeing red as some of the dinners that came after us were already finishing their food!

Since we have been asking for our food, the waiters still don’t come and let us know why we need to wait longer. I saw other people were already having their Tandoori Chicken but ours was not sent. Only to be told later that they will send everything together! Duh!

We quickly told them we want our set to be sent first and whatever balance to send later. Was already so hungry… almost 8pm wor! Did not really enjoy the food so much though they tasted quite good as everyone was chomping down like a bullet train! 😐 That was why I did not take any photo of the Tandoori Chicken as we were too busy walloping it!


The last 2 dishes which is called Paper Chicken (I think is Pepper but maybe wrong spelling or something as it was full of pepper!) and Masala Chicken (the red one) were finally sent after 8.15pm after the news. Normally by 8pm we would have already finished our dinner! Luckily they tasted good… if not… won’t even want to talk about it! 😛


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