Edible Markers or FoodWriter

Some of you asked me what I used to draw on the cars in Bento #11 sandwiches and egg. I used these edible foodwriters which I bought for my cake decorating from the Wilton agent in Seksyen 14. These pens don’t come cheap itelyou!

For 5 pens I paid about RM25 and I have to keep them in the fridge all the time! There isn’t any expiry date so I have to make sure they are being chilled… if not I worried they might be health hazardous for all I know!

Though it mentioned as ‘FINE Tip’ on the box but I don’t think they are that fine… The tips are pretty thick and I found two of the pens (blue and green) tend to smear whenever I draw on my fondant (sugar paste). That was why I seldom use them on my cake decorating now.


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0 Responses to Edible Markers or FoodWriter

  1. Angeline says:

    Wow! this is good! never know about this! and its cheap for its value!

    Angelines last blog post..I have moved…..

  2. huisia says:

    i want i want, but really don’t know where to buy here 😦

  3. khongfamily says:

    I found this too but I didn’t buy it. After what you’ve written about the smearing part, I don’t think I will buy.