Bento Fun #16

I wanted to voice my disgruntlement! Can you believe it that over the entire long weekend we were actually rotting at home most of the time? The Big and Small piggies were hoarding the PC and TV respectively! The only time we went out was to the Esplanade on Saturday and to get the mooncakes from the nearby Sunshine outlet.

Since no buffet sessions, I have to cook lor! Though PiggyBeng cooked on Saturday, he only cooked one dish which was a spicy dish which Darrius can’t take. Therefore, I have to specially prepare something just for him.



Top: Brown bear shaped boiled egg with Orange cubes
Bottom: Star shaped rice with flower carrot on a bed of steamed minced pork


Since I have a little time, I decided to play with my egg molds again. I’m glad to announce that after many tries, I finally managed to get s perfect egg out from the mold! *grin* I even colored the bear shaped egg with brown color (after reading about the blue Hello Kitty done by LZMommy) but I did not leave it long enough in the soaking, the color did not really show on the photo. I learned this from a great Bento-er, Lunch In A Box.

And I also molded the rice using the star shaped egg mold too! As I was having a little difficulties the previous time getting the rice out from the origini mold, I decided to try using the egg mold. Smart move as it is definitely easier to get the rice out! *bleah~*


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0 Responses to Bento Fun #16

  1. yvonne says:

    Really admire the time and effort you all are putting in into making cutey bentos… and Darrius.. gosh.. always so supportive!

  2. Annie Q says:

    the bear egg so cute, first look i tot is a pig 😀
    What u use to do the eye ar??

    Annie Qs last blog post..Mickey Boy

  3. Angeleyes says:

    You know, after a while, the preparation gets speedier than before coz you’ll know what to do so it speed you up in away.

    They are seaweed cutouts… hehee

  4. catching up on post at Starbucks. heehee… love your bento of today. I wanted to do pink eggs the other day, but my mom came over so we end up shopping. will try it again over the weekend. i got girls mah, so pink lor.

    allthingspurples last blog post..Bento #60 – toddler’s bento