Dining with Toilet Bowls

Too busy and excited with all the Bento-ing that I totally forgotten to blog about our unusual makan-makan episode! This time I did it without PiggyBeng as he was on his way back from Jakarta that day so it was only Darrius and mommy.

Since we need to go to the airport at night to pick PiggyBeng, I decided not to cook and eat out instead. Had wanted to go to Manhattan Fish Market but suddenly I remembered seeing this unusual little restaurant on the 3rd floor just outside the cinema in Queensbay Mall. I told myself I must try them out as the last time I passed by, the place was crowded with diners.


..The place, T-Bowl or Toilet Bowl is one of those Hong Kong inspired Char-Chan-Teng (Hong Kong styled cafe). There’s no chairs but toilet bowls used as chairs! The feeling is yucky but I can tell you, it is indeed a very unusual experience! Tell me, what normally comes to mind when you think of toilet bowls???? :mrgreen: The tables are deep sinks with glass tops… they even laid a few sea shells in them which looked so nice…


We were the ‘first’ customers that evening. There was only one waiter and another was the cashier. The waiter can’t really speak and he only smile whenever I asked him something *slapped forehead* so I have to signal for the cashier to explain to me what they have. I particularly wanted to have something using the mini toilet bowl to serve my food… saja-saja mah! 😛

He explained to me that only the baked cheese rice and some soups are served in those cute mini toilet bowls so I have no choice but to order one of those. I don’t fancy baked cheese rice so I went for a ‘Japanese styled soup with chicken meat’. I have to order a bowl of rice separately as they don’t include rice for that particular dish. That bowl of rice cost me RM1.20!!!!

Then thinking that it might not be enough to stuff both Darrius and myself, I ordered an appetizer of Boxing chicken. Ok, nothing to shout about… I think I could do that myself.

The toilet bowls seats and sink tables do look nice from a decor point of view but in terms of practicality, they are not so practical. Why? The toilet bowls, though made of ceramic are quite light and if you are not careful you could actually tumble it with a light kick! The sink tables on the other hand, are too deep so there wasn’t any leg space… so instead of sitting primp and proper, you have to open up your legs and put them on the sides!

Overall, this place is only nice to go once… just to experience the unusual decors/concept. Other than that, there’s nothing ‘worth’ for subsequent visits as the food are not so fantastic and they are over priced! I spent a total of RM25+ for that 3 items inclusive of service charge! 😐

The only thing that reminded me of these toilet bowls was a song sang by my favorite Hong Kong artistse… And Lau! He actually has song titled ‘Ma Tong‘!!!! 😛

Here is a shot of Darrius sitting on a nicer marine life toilet bowl…



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0 Responses to Dining with Toilet Bowls

  1. chooi peng says:

    i thought this is available in Taiwan only… must try it when go to Penang last time

  2. Irene says:

    What fun. Good for you. So adventurous. I must find me a restaurant like this here. Hahaha

  3. sting says:

    oh I saw this on tv but in HK or Taiwan (can’t recall)… so they are now here too… maybe will give it a try next time I visit Penang 🙂

    stings last blog post..Trip Back Memory Lane

  4. rachel says:

    hmmm i think i wouldnt fancy eating there….
    it will bring some “memory”. ahahahha

    rachels last blog post..Blogging Friends Forever Award

  5. Ms.____2 be! says:

    i saw this on some magazine.

  6. Binky says:

    My first time seeing this unusual restaurant. Interesting.

    Binkys last blog post..Day 7 (08/21/2008) – Jackson & Grand Teton National Park

  7. Irene says:

    haha. seen this on TV or mag b4, or somewhr… like yucky oni the feeling… hahaha… 🙂 but cool lar hor?

    Irenes last blog post..noty daddy!

  8. Annie Q says:

    ya, i tot this restaurant is available in taiwan, not HK. Ah! next time when i go penang, i must try this out, must be very fun! hahahhahaha

    Annie Qs last blog post..Mickey Boy