Bento Fun #15

We did not go out on last Saturday until late in the evening when PiggyBeng decided to go to the esplanade to fly kites. As PiggyBeng was down with food poisoning upon his return from Jakarta on Thursday night, I did not cook the fried rice which I have intended to do for Friday, instead we had porridge for lunch.

I finally cooked the fried rice on Saturday where Darrius had some for his lunch. This is what he had in his Bento box that day…


Top: Dried Jumbo raisins, Cherry tomatoes and Strawberry flavored yogurt
Bottom: Fried rice on a bed of butterhead with blanched brocolli, cherry tomato halves and some carrot butterflies

I did not take any lunch as I was still very full from breakfast (PiggyBeng packed some nasi lemak for me from the market… yum!) so I packed a Bento for myself when we were about to head off to the Esplanade around 4-ish. I added a piece of banana cake as I know Darrius would love to have some snack after all the running from chasing the kites!



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  1. Annie Q says:

    how i wish my boys will take cherry tomatoes and brocolli and carrot. Darrius so good, at least he take some vege.

    Annie Qs last blog post..Mickey Boy