Other *loots*

Besides all my Bento loots from Daiso, I also purchased other stuff, mainly to keep Darrius seated ‘guai-guai’ in his stroller while I shop. Elina is curious to know how I managed to shop alone with my little hyper monkey in tow. Frankly, little gluttony will be happy when I stuff food or new toys to him which will kept him busy for a while and don’t bug me so much. Sometimes I will just get him something to play while I shop and put the stuff back before checking out. Darrius will scream or cry but I will ask him “You have money to pay for this or not?” and he will shake his head so I will tell him “No money then you have to put it back lor!” Kau tim! 😆

When I was in Daiso Plaza Singapura, I have to get him the vege cutting set as he wanted to get off the stroller to play with all the stuff or toys on the shelves. Seriously, Daiso is not a place for small kids as they have many stuff on the shelves which can be easily damage (especially those glass items) so it is advisable to strap kids in their strollers while you shop. At another point, he wanna run outside as there were a few kiddy rides just outside Daiso’s entrance… haiyo!

On the next day @ Vivo City, I have to bribe him with this bubble thingy…


Though it was in the packaging (from Daiso) while we were still shopping, I have to kept telling him that he can play with it only when we go back to the hotel… so he was busy checking the toy inside out and asked a lot of questions… *slap forehead* Well, it is better than having him out of the stroller mah!

Other than those cute pasta, I also got a packet of Mini Oreo from Carrefour. We don’t have such stuff in Malaysia!!! I can give it to Darrius as part of his Bento goodies or to use them on my cupcakes.

I was looking for those KitKat/Cadbury Flake sticks/bars too but was disappointed I can’t find them. I remembered I saw them somewhere before. Had loads of that when I was in Australia… Very nice to eat with ice-cream! 😛

Then I got these molds which can be used for candy or chocolate making… either on the Bento or cupcakes… so versatile right???!!! I could never find such stuff here.



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  1. LZmommy says:

    I never seen these mould! Did you get it at carrefour?

    LZmommys last blog post..Teacher’s Day Gifts

  2. constance says:

    hey i think i’ve seen mini Oreos before at the Cold Storage in either Gurney or the one near the fettes park junction (cannot remember the name). it was in the section selling Japanese foods. But they come in little containers (like those Big Gulp) with a cover. I love them and would reuse the containers as my kid’s lunchbox! They even have mini Ritzs and Nabisco’s Chocolate Chips too!

    so funny that you buy them fr Sg when i go over to Pg and buy them back! hahahaha

    constances last blog post..Big Ticket Item

  3. Angeleyes says:


    I bought those from the expensive baking supplies shop in Adelphi.


    Really???? I must go and check them out when I go to Gurney Plaza next time!!!!

  4. Ms.____2 be! says:

    Nice molds, I need to get some.

    Ms.____2 be!s last blog post..CLICK ME!!!!!!!: <———– READ

  5. huisia says:

    do you know where i can find the bento books?? i really don’t know how to start my bento…just so blur!

  6. chooi peng says:

    oh, i like these mini orea too!! it cost about RM3 in japan, how much in SG a?

  7. Angeleyes says:

    Chooi peng,
    I think they are around SGD1.45… can’t really remember…

  8. yvonne says:

    I also just discovered mini Oreo last week. didn’t know they existed…

  9. Wah so easy ah? Just like that, he put back the items. My one will say “Daddy or Mommy got money mar….” *slaps head*

    Aiyoh… Darrius will tell me that sometimes but I tld him I don’t have money lioa! 😛

  10. Justen_Rayen Mommy says:

    You can find the calbury chocolate in a chocolate shop in Vivo, can’t remember the name, is at level 2, but the packaging is a bit different it come in the classic blue and with 2 sticks. I love it too…