30% off Tai Thong Mooncakes

To celebrate the country’s 51th years of independence, there’s 30% off all mooncakes (a box of 4 pcs) from Tai Thong @ all Sunshine outlets till 1st September… so hurry!

The previous years we only get maximum of 20% off these mooncakes which are among the more popular brands. We got ours late last year so PiggyBeng did not managed to get the flavor he likes therefore we shop earlier for them this year. It is only 15 days to Mid Autumn Festival.

Tai Thong came out with a few new flavors this year and I bought 2 of them to try. One is the very Nyonya flavor, Sambal Shrimp and the other is Single Yolk with Multi Grains. I wanted to try more but after pondering on the amount of sugar and lard laden in them I think 2 is more than enough! After all, I’m not a mega fancee of mooncakes. Just eat for fun and the festive mood. :mrgreen: PiggyBeng on the other hand prefer the Bacon Bits ones. We also bought some as gifts for my FIL and other relatives.

Nothing much to rave about the packaging for this year too. These few popular brands don’t have much fancy stuff as compared to those newer brands I supposed. Well, what matter most is the taste right? 😛

Can’t wait to bring Darrius to some of the Mooncake parties organized by the community centres!


1st Mid Autumn Festival community party
2nd Mid Autumn Festival community party


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0 Responses to 30% off Tai Thong Mooncakes

  1. Eva says:

    Hehehe! I also manage to get 30% from one of my colleague as one of her closed relatives work at Thai Thong

  2. michelle says:

    even after 30%, it is still overpriced!!

  3. Ryan's mami says:

    Even after 30%, I won’t buy also… coz I don’t really like mooncakes… if got free one, I don’t mind eating it… hehhe 😛