Jin Loong Seafood Restaurant – Bedok

After a tired day at the zoo, we have wanted to eat the all time Singaporeans’ favorite – Sri Lankan Pepper Crabs so I got the contact from my uncle’s wife to make reservation at one of the popular eatery in the East as they are always full house… even on weekdays! This restaurant’s food is not only tasty but their pricing is extremely reasonable! We have dined here many times in the past but only this time I got a chance to take photos! And guess what? The crabs are out of stock! What a bummer right? My mistake – I forgot to reserve the crabs when I make reservation… 😛

The place, Jin Loong Seafood Restaurant is located in Bedok North Ave. Blk #416. It is inside a kopitiam below the HDB… so non-aircon. Since we did not get to eat the crabs, we ordered some of their other delicacies… They are famous for their crab dishes as well as the Nestum Prawns.


Top: Homemade Tofu with fried preserved vegetable (Choi-poh) and Pork Ribs (Pai-kut-wong)

Bottom: Yam Basket (Fatt-put) and Nestum Prawns

Since there were quite a number of us, we are still not full so upon seeing some other diners ordering the chicken dish, we went ahead and ordered one too…


*sigh* It was not as good as it look…

Nevertheless, it was a good meal overall and have to thank my buddy for footing the bill! Board and meals…. So pai seh! :mrgreen:


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