Bento Fun #12

Darrius woke up at 6.45am on Wednesday, therefore he goes hungry before 10am! He kept bugging me for food even though he has his 8oz of milk and 8oz of Milo! o_O No choice lor… I have to quickly fix him something to eat as I don’t intend to cook lunch that early. With my balance half loaf of bread, I made these for him…


From top left: Cherry tomatoes with mini flower shaped cheese sandwiches, Star shaped green apple slices, Dried Cranberries and Mickey shaped cheese sandwiches.


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0 Responses to Bento Fun #12

  1. sue says:

    Hmm, wanna ask.. one mickey will use up 2 slices of bread, then the leftovers quite sayang? What do you do with them?

  2. min says:

    hahahah SHE EATS THEM!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    mins last blog post..My Secret Garden

  3. Aiyo, I see also wanna make. Is there an online site that I can buy the Bento accessories?

    Immomsdaughters last blog post..Happy 8th Birthday

  4. Irene says:

    ya min, i bet she eats the leftover bread! wakakakaka ๐Ÿ™‚

    the mickey bread is oh-so-cute!

    Irenes last blog post..manyak the teruk day

  5. Angeleyes says:

    Yeah, I have to sapu all the heads and tails!
    If you notice small flower cut-outs in the Bento, they are also the heads and tails… I maximize the entire piece of bread so I don’t have to eat so much! hehhehehe

  6. alice says:

    hi u very ggod on creation is very attractive.can i know where u bought the cartoon picture mold especially the mickey mouse