*Going to School* A Funny Conversation

That day while we were at Mac Donald’s Green Lane, I casually asked Darrius if he would want to attend the school (Trinity Methodist Church) opposite? He nodded his head. The thing is, he impression of school is a place where he gets to play all the toys and ride all the kiddies mobiles so he is very eager to ‘attend’ school.

Just a while ago he came to me after he finished his milk and I said his diaper very smelly and asked him to take it off. Then I went on to say, how to go to school when he is still wearing diaper? He asked me “going to that Mac Donald’s school?” as he remembered we spoke about that the other day.

This is an example of one of those ‘going to school’ prep session I have been having with Darrius.

Here is the conversation…

Me: Oh! You remembered har?

Darrius: *nodded his head* Yeah. The school at Mac Donald’s.

Me: You want to go to that school? You have to be 3 years old first then mommy send you to school. But you cannot wear diaper to school wor. You must know how to shee-shee by yourself and cannot wear diaper when you sleep in the school.

Darrius: *look at mommy with huge eyes* Must shee-shee by myself hor?

Me: Yeah. So, you must wake up when you want to shee-shee if not later you will wet the bed sheet. How?

Darrius: Wet the bear-bear bed sheet ah?

Me: No. Bear-bear bed sheet is at home mah. School has their own bed sheet.

Darrius: Then bring bear-bear bed sheet to school okay?

Me: 😐 No! You cannot bring bear-bear bed sheet to school! Bear-bear bed sheet is at home cannot bring to school.


Aiyoh, this boy ah! He thinks by bringing his own bed sheet he can pee when he sleeps! *slap forehead*


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0 Responses to *Going to School* A Funny Conversation

  1. Did he ask if he can take his potty too? 😛

    giddy tigresss last blog post..Banana pancakes, anyone?

  2. Angeleyes says:

    Giddy Tigress,
    Darrius has weaned off the potty so he won’t remember the porrt now… hehehe

  3. HN says:

    Oh, so cute of him! I can’t wait mine to talk to me like that 😛

  4. wen says:

    haha!!! so cute of him la!

    wens last blog post..I Am Well!

  5. whoisbaby says:

    i know where this Mac Donald school is located. The school requires the student to nap there? a full day class ah?

    whoisbabys last blog post..Watching Moonlight Resonance

  6. Irene says:

    hehehe! so cute lil Darrius… 🙂

    Irenes last blog post..manyak the teruk day

  7. KittyCat says:

    Hahaha, he’s so funny! Maybe the school will let him bring something with him as a security object?

    Must potty train first ah before joining? Some kids are only fully potty trained when they are 4 wor…

    KittyCats last blog post..Great un-expectations