While daddy is away…

PiggyBeng left for Jakarta on Monday night. That means I was alone with Darrius for the past 2 days. Initially I was quite scare as Tuesday is the by-election and worried that something ugly could happened if PKR wins since we stay nearby an area which is strong with the ‘ahem‘ party supporters.

Anyway, while people are casting their votes, I brought Darrius out for lunch at a nearby Green Lane Mac Donald’s. This is our second time dining there. I like the place as it has  ample parking space and they have one of the cleanest indoor playground.

I bought a Happy Meal for Darrius while I get 2 banana pies knowing Darrius won’t be able to finish his meal. True enough he only have 2 pieces of the nuggets and a few fries. He was also not keen on the free ice-cream as he was too excited playing in the playground! He only drank half of his Milo which he can normally finish the entire cup alone. Guess nothing is more attractive compared to the slides!


As we need to take off our shoes before entering the play area, I was surprised that Darrius dutifully followed my instructions to take off his shoes and placed them on the shoe rack! We do not have such rack at home so it is something new to him.


As it was a ‘public holiday’ due to the election, there were quite a lot of kids there. Besides small ones like Darrius age, there are some really big kids playing… some even taller than me!!! And worst of all, they are so rough! 😦 Sometimes I am so afraid that they will push Darrius or something…


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0 Responses to While daddy is away…

  1. chooi peng says:

    that’s why i dont like to bring them to the playground at McD.

  2. mummy gwen says:

    My 2 years old girl is very gentle, she sure kena bully. I always have to stay with her whenever she go to these playgrounds.

  3. Irene says:

    gotta keep an hawk eye on him lor 🙂

    Irenes last blog post..manyak the teruk day

  4. Binky says:

    Yeah, play usually comes first before everything! I assume that playground is an indoor one? If such, then they should have a height limit for each child for safety reasons.

    Binkys last blog post..Day 4 (08/18/2008) – Yellowstone’s upper Grand Loop