Lil’ Scaredy-cat

It did not occur to me earlier that what happened has got to do with the Lunar ‘ghost month’ but after pondering about it, I found a co-relation.

For the past 1.5 weeks Darrius has been a Lil’ Scaredy-cat. It is totally out of the blue that he told me he is ‘scare-scare, pah-pah’ when I asked him to fetch something from the living room and will refused to go by himself. He will said that there is ‘Awujiak’ (his version of ghost) out there.  However, it is rather strange that he will still drink his milk and watch the TV on his own in the other parts of the day in the living room. 😐

Then last evening, he was running about then suddenly he stopped and told me there is ‘awujiak’ at the back of the kitchen. So I asked him to show me where and he brought me in to the dining area leading to the kitchen and pointed at the door and said “Awujiak is here lor”. Okay…. this is spine chilling but I can’t appear to be scare mah!

According to my MIL last time, some kids do have ‘3rd eyes’ and see things that we can’t see…. scary hor????!!!!

Can’t wait for the 7th month to be over so he won’t come and tell me that again… probably I’ll freak out more than him!


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0 Responses to Lil’ Scaredy-cat

  1. BR's Mum says:

    Wah!!!! That’s scary

    BR’s Mums last blog post..Fed Up!!

  2. min says:

    eww… this is scary !!
    Bring him to temple and pray pray??

    mins last blog post..Crazy Bento Sales!

  3. chooi peng says:

    scary… he saw Awujiak only on the 7th month?

  4. Shooi says:

    Wah…this one really scary. But as long as “they” are just passing by and don’t cause any trouble…then ok kua.

    Maybe you can say/ chant some prayers for Darrius?

    Shoois last blog post..To blog or not

  5. whoisbaby says:

    ya that’s scary. the 7th month will be over soon.

    whoisbabys last blog post..Watching Moonlight Resonance

  6. yea, that is a bit uncomfortable. Maybe you want to hang a necklace with a chanted or blessed “hu” on him? Even if its only for your ease of mind, no harm , isn’t it?

    allthingspurples last blog post..Bento #58 and Bento #59

  7. Irene says:

    aiyoyo, this is disturbing leh. goodness, agreed with christene, let him wear “hu” loh… and pray pray.

    do u have praying altar at home?

    Irenes last blog post..manyak the teruk day

  8. Binky says:

    If you are a Buddhist, I think you should get some monk to come bless your home. Or have a blessed house talisman pasted on the wall above your house’s front door. Or bring him to the temple or Chinese medium to get the talisman for his protection. Yeah, it’s true that some children have that “3rd seeing eye”.

    Binkys last blog post..Day 4 (08/18/2008) – Yellowstone’s upper Grand Loop