Been paying the 5% Gov tax?

I was just reading the news earlier and came across this news about some restuarants are still charging customers the 5% Government tax even though they no longer meet the newly increased RM3 million p.a threshold. I guess a lot of us unsuspecting diners are still blur-blur and continue to pay the tax without knowing if the restaurants/eateries we dined in are eligible to collect these taxes in the first place.

An except from the report…

Effective July 1, only 435 restaurants nationwide have the licence to collect service tax. A total of 4,800 outlets had to surrender their licence as they were no longer eligible to make the collection following the Government’s decision to increase the sales threshold level from RM500,000 to RM3mil a year.

For full report read here.

I know there are still many restaurants/eateries who are charging the 5% tax even though they are no longer eligible. So to unsure you are not cheated, do check the name of the restaurant by emailing the Malaysian Custom officers if you suspect these restaurants are not adhering to the new law.

Though 5% may not be a lot but during these hard times… it is still money wasted!


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